Thursday, 14 October 2010

Teknologi terbaru.. apa tu

Rujuk laman web ni,,, Boleh digunakan untuk sarang burung,, tetapi poket mesti tebal!!!!


teknologi menarik untuk dugunakan pada BHW

"SATAC" is a Spray Applied Thermal and Acoustical Cellulose insulation for application to virtually any construction surfaces and is specifically designed for commercial building applications.

It consists of two (2) unique product components :

1. "SATAC" spray grade cellulose insulation

2. Encotec commercial spray adhesive

These two items were designed to work in combination with each other and are applied to the internal surfaces of a building component which creates a monolithic seal that controls sound, condensation and thermal transfer.

The cellulose is spray applied in a continuous flow directly to the surface. The adhesive permanently bonds the cellulose to the substrate forming a monolithic seal that virtually eliminates air infiltration. This thermal barrier helps control condensation and improves the acoustical environment of the structure.

The "SATAC" system creates a complete building envelope, resulting in high thermal performance, while enhancing the value of the building with its attractive, seamless and energy efficient finish.

While SATAC is primarily used for its superior sound and moisture control characteristics, it also possesses excellent qualities of regular cellulose insulation when it comes to energy efficiency and fire protection.

It is easy to apply in :

- Office Buildings

- Manufacturing Plants

- Warehouses

- Schools

- Hospitals

- Motels / Hotels 

- Bird house / Rumah walit

Waletgroup mengajak anda untuk berkongsi pengalaman dan pengamatan terhadap Industri Walet. Sila tinggalkan komen anda dibawah.

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